Big Foot 16ft Trampoline + Safety Enclosure Green

The Big Foot 16 foot trampoline offers a fun filled bouncing bonanza. Designed to be strong enough to easily allow adults to bounce on, but not so tight that the kids wont enjoy it as well. You really can’t go wrong choosing a Big Foot trampoline as it’s perfect for everyone. Safety Enclosure The Big Foot 16ft trampoline's enclosure has been designed to be extremely easy to assemble but still have very good strength and durability. The intelligent design utilises cleverly angled poles to minimise the risk of accidents involving the upright posts & the mesh of the safety net is made from super strong and flexible Terylene. The trampoline enclosure poles click together easily but due to the clever design remain in place even when faced with an out of control jumper to catch. Combining this with the vertically running net and this really is an extremely well thought out and safe enclosure. Featuring a large L shaped zipped entrance which we have found to offer the best compromise of easy

£ 399.99