Assos H FI Lady_S5 Shorts Black

ASSOS performance in a lady’s cut and style. ASSOS H FI.Lady_S5 shorts have a shaped waistband, which is flat at the front and elasticated at the back, for comfort and gentle support. The woman-specific, 6-panel cut with flat stitching and leg grippers, offers excellent muscle compression, to reduce fatigue and provide a great fit.For a long time in the cycling industry, there was an assumption that female cyclists were happy to make do with inferior materials. Assos has never been a company to embrace that fallacy, and one look at the Assos H FI.Lady_s5 Short will prove just how much thought and research they put into every item. The H FI.Lady_s5 has been cut and styled for high performance and ultimate comfort to go hand in hand. Since these are shorts, it will make practical things like mid-ride nature breaks much easier, but without having to compromise on any of the quality. The woman-specific 6-panel cut means that it will fit the female anatomy with no unseemly gaps or bulges. The flat-stitching for the seams prevents any uncomfortable indentations being formed along your legs, while the leg grippers hold the cuff in place without over-squeezing. The waistband is flat and supple at the front, but elasticized at the back to provide both comfort and gentle support. The short’s material offers excellent muscle compression to reduce fatigue and keep the fit properly snug. Making use of the FI. Lady_s5 insert, Assos developed that to have the same waffle system you’ll find on the men’s inserts, so that ladies receive equal benefits from the breathability of the material and the ergonomic way it fits and moves with their bodies. Most importantly, Assos has turned to its female members of the Werkmannschaft to ensure that the pads are strategically placed with a woman’s anatomy in mind to ensure hours of riding comfort. Assos has lavished their undivided attention to developing the H FI.Lady_s5 Short because they understand that women are just as keen as their male counterparts to ride hard for hours on end in comfort.FI.Lady Seat padA custom Elastic interface seat pad developed with years of research and testing, the FI.Lady now features s5 waffle technology that makes it 35% more breathable for freshness and comfort. The pad provides targeted cushioning and vibration in a low bulk platform conforms and moves with your body for effective padding across the full range of motion.Top Features:Temperature range: Hot Summer - 29-39°C / 84-102°FAEPD ergonomic 4 panel cutFI lady S5 InsertErgonomic women insertWaffle system increases breathability, ergonomy, decreases volume and warmthPull elastic waist band systemUV protection 50+Information80% Polyamide(Nylon), 20% Elastane(Spandex)

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