Kempo Jujitsu Self Defence- Newham Leisure Centre

Kempo Jujitsu, like most martial arts, is focused on building self-discipline. While the skills taught will undoubtedly increase a class member's ability to hurt and disable an attacker, it also teaches self-restraint. Many people incorrectly look at martial arts as violence between two people but these classes encourage team work, are great for boosting your self confidence and getting you fit and into shape. You will be taught how to strike, how to kick, how to use pressure points, how to block break fall and how to escape from and deal with the most common types of assault. As you progress through the kempo jujitsu self defence system you will be taught how to deal with every and any conceivable violent situation that you may encounter. Even if you have no previous self defence experience you are welcome to come along to these beginners classes. How To Find The Class: Classes take place within Newham Leisure Centre, on Prince Regent Lane in east London. There are plenty of ways to get to Newham Leisure Centre including London Underground from Plaistow on the District Line, Docklands Light Railway via Prince Regent Station or by bus on routes 147 (Prince Regent Bus Station - Hainault Street), 262 (Stratford Bus Station - East Beckton) and 300 (Canning Town - Wordsworth Health Centre). You can also take advantage of a huge car park if you do decide to visit by car.

£ 44.00