Benross 2015 Casino CNC Milled Sergeant Putter RH 34

Product Description Precision one piece CNC Milled heads that ooze class. Precision Milling allows every gram of weight to be accurately positioned, resulting in a very high performance putter, made to extremely tight tolerances. The heavy CNC Milled Face ensures great contact at impact, helping impart topspin and reduced skid. For the Golfer, more top-spin and less skid translates into smooth, true running putts which finish inside the hole more often. A soft 304 Carbon Steel head enhances feel and feedback to the golfers hands. Each head is wrapped in a stunning Black PVD finish which gives a clean classic look at address whilst eliminating glare. PRECSION CNC MILLED BODY Precise weight placement and beautiful crisp appearance. PRECISION CNC MILLED FACE Ensures great contact every time. Helping reduce skid and increase topspin. SOFT 304 CARBON STEEL Maximises feel and feedback to the golfers hands. CLASSIC HEAD SHAPES Increased confidence at address. Proven Tour winning models. BLACK PVD FINISH Stunning cosmetically, reduced glare at address.

£ 69.00