Callaway Big Bertha Reva Drivers

Callaway requires no introduction when it comes to drivers, and especially when it comes to the Big Bertha range that has been helping golfers all over the world hit fairways with ease since 1991. The new Big Bertha Reva looks absolutely stunning. Callaway blue has always been a very striking colour that looks perfect to the eye. No golf manufacturer does better colour visuals! Designed for women and to unlock your inner distance, the Big Bertha Reva is really long, straight and easy to hit, we all want those three little words! Callaway has re-worked every aspect of the club to get the very most out of your game. Callaway has extensively researched player performance data to design and build a driver that unlocks every last yard of distance while still being easy to hit and also keep the golfer in complete control. The lofts, swing weights, shaft and head shape are all optimised to help you hit that perfect drive far into the distance.

£ 399.00