Mizuno Breath Thermo Wool Extreme Mock

Mizuno Breth Thermo Wool Extreme Mock :- A quarter-zip body warming lightweight second layer to be worn with a polo shirt or fitted base layer. This garment is designed with body temperature control as its primary function. Ideal for use during a round of golf where cold temperatures may be a factor. The fabric has an elasticity so it will not restrict the golfers range of movement. Features :- - Body Warming Technology. Mizunos New and revolutionary thermal fabric that absorbs body moisture to generate heat. - Exothermic Properties of Breath Thermo. The fabric characteristically changes the moisture absorbed from the body into heat.The colder it is the higher the effect of Mizuno Breath Thermo. - Breath Thermo has extreme moisture absorbing power to control humidity (water vapour) and heat between the body and the outside enviroment. It is a buffer against sudden enviromental changes. - Anitbacterial and Deodorizing features. The yarn has an Anitbacterial and Deodorizing function to prevent odours.

£ 29.99