Advertising with NEMC

Advertising with NEMC is very easy to do and profiles your business to a target demographic. Just e-mail your requirements to and one of our committee will contact you quickly with how much it will cost. Please make it know as specifically as possible what you want on the site. Which pages you want the adverts to appear on and where if you have a desired location (however this will depend on how they fit in the current format of the website). If you have your own banners to use please attach them to the e-mail or specify a font that should be used to make your banner. If there are specific addresses they should link to obviously we will need to know these also.

Upon terms beeing agreed the funds clearing into the NEMC's bank account the adverts your specified will be placed on the website within 24 hours (to the best of our ability) and remain there for 1 year from the date of publishing unless otherwise agreed.

The clubs rates are very reasonable and we offer reductions in the advertising fees in return for giving our members agreed (in writing) discounts on your services when they produce a membership card or discount code as applicable.

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